Saddle Fitting Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire

Finding the correct saddle can be just as important as finding the right horse.

Indeed the right horse may appear to be the wrong horse due to a badly fitting saddle.

In fact an existing and much beloved saddle that once fitted your horse perfectly can turn in the equivalent of an ill fitting pair of shoes for both the horse and rider. Over time your horse can change shape due to fitness, aging and diet as can a person.

A badly fitting saddle can not only make the horse uncomfortable and irritable but can also lead to long term damage to the horse itself and expensive veterinarian bills or worse permanent damage to the animal. A horse being riden in discomfort or worse pain can become irritable and unpredictable which risks not only to the health of the horse but also the rider.

At Barton Saddlers we are not just here to sell you a new saddle but to advise on your existing saddle and recommend if necessary alterations either on-site or in our workshop - from top up to complete re-flocking or change of plates in adjustable saddles.

We pride ourselves in offering a professional and individual service to suit both needs of the horse and the rider. If you do require a replacement saddle we carry in stock one of the widest choices of different saddle manufacturer's in the UK and best suited to your needs. Unlike some suppliers we do not just stock a narrow range of two or three favoured manufacturers as each saddle maker's range of products can vary dramatically due to their production method starting with the saddle tree. We will assess both you and your horse's requirements and offer a number of alternative options for you. We will explain precisely the fitting process and how we arrive with our saddle recommendations.

Barton Saddlers Ltd, Blackminster Business Park, Nr. Evesham Worcestershire. WR11 7RE

Saddle Fitting Process


  • Establish details about the rider and their requirements.
  • A physical assessment of the horse and any injuries or impairments.
  • Confirmation of the horse looking for anomalies, swelling, scars or splints.
  • The balance of feet and muscle build up e.g. balance of shoulders.
  • Assessing the horses level of fitness - if a horse is out of condition but due to change work routine - then it may be prudent to wait until a future date or consider alternative to for example a bespoke saddle such as adjustable saddle or ITRee saddle.
  • Discuss any issues your may have with your current saddle, excess movement, tipping forward or back or slipping etc.
  • Close examination of back of horse around saddle area looking for any tenseness, soreness or injury.
  • Create a template profiling the horses wither lumbar and drop.
  • Comparison of template against current saddle - if saddle matches template then no change required - if some adjustment required then may be done through topping up or re-flocking and plate change in adjustable tree saddles - badly ill fitting saddle a replacement saddle will be recommended.
  • The final stage is to exercise you horse with walk, trot and canter and jump for jump and eventer riders.
  • Please note we try and limit the range of our saddle fitting to within a 25 mile radius of our post code WR11 7RE. This is done so we are able to maintain a quick and regular after care service. You are welcome to bring your horse to us for assessment subject to a prior appointment.
  • Fees - we have a standard saddle fitting charge of £55 call out within 15 miles radius and £65 call out up to 25 miles radius. For further distances please call 07788 645218.

Barton Saddlers wish you safe and comfortable riding in the future.

By Lauren Barton, qualified Master Saddler with the Society of Master Saddlers.